More genetic complexity found in eye colour

Forget what you may have been taught about eye colour and a dominant gene.  The genetics that many of us were taught at school has been superceded as knowledge of 'junk DNA' has been discovered, especially as a result of the Human Genome and ENCODE projects. A few years ago (2018), many more genes were found to play a part in hair colour. Recent research now shows that the genetics of eye color is also much more complex than previously thought. This, of course, is in addition to the many non-coding areas of our DNA that modulate the expression of these genes. References:- "50 new genes for eye colour"  EurekAlert News Release 11 March 2021 Genome-wide association meta-analysis of individuals of European ancestry identifies new loci explaining a substantial fraction of hair color variation and heritability,  Nature Genetics  (2018). A discussion document